QualNet Technologies

QualNet is an innovative Australian Tech Start-Up. 

QualNet is focused on upgrading how people and businesses experience earning qualifications. We want to change how businesses think about professional development planning and execution using Educational Technologies. 

We want to help change the pathways into meaningful and healthy work lives. We want to build upon and improve the landscape, drive it to catch up to the changes in technologies, industries, and societies.

At Qualnet, we believe that it shouldn’t matter how a person learns a skill or acquires knowledge, all that should matter is that they have, and can demonstrate to the prescribed standard

QualNet offerings can help you with

Learning Portal

Allow providers to provide learning content online (nothing new here) and to earn money by providing qualifications against assessments conducted outside a course but within their registered qualifications.

Assessment Portal

Allows candidates (anyone really) to undertake assessments against qualification frameworks – i.e. to obtain a qualification or competency – anytime, anywhere, regardless of enrolment in a course, or not, for a fee.

Remote Reviewer Portal

Allows qualified and approved assessors to make money by doing remote assessment reviews – including grading and feedback

Capabilities Repository

Provides a searchable qualification and competency repository which natively talks to open architecture LMSs, eQual repositories, and commercial providers (MOOCs, LinkedIn Learning, etc.) to pull those quals, badges, etc. into a singular searchable database for candidates and SKABs


Provides a mapping capability for ASQA approved UOCs, commercial badges and UOCs, and will eventually seek to cross map TEWSA approved courses as well

Contact QualNet

If you want to know more, please contact us and we’ll be happy to talk your ear off about adult learning, workforce planning and our technology!